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Robinson tells of having little money but ample food and fruit during the Depression.

Miller discusses family being forced to leave home and the struggle to recover.

Fugates speak of vivid memories of the Depression and moving across the country to find work.

Sisters discuss the Depression years and commend President Roosevelt, claiming that he was an "idol".

Porter discusses memories of the Depression and commends President Roosevelt on his work to rebuild the nation.

Fullers discuss living and working conditions during the Depression.

Williams discusses hardships during the Depression and living on the farm.

Recalls feelings about President Roosevelt, government programs, and speaks of becoming self-sufficient by growing own food.

Jackson speaks of growing food for school lunches and distributing clothes to needy people.

Garland tells of changes in his own life as well as in the lives of neighbors during the Depression.

Robertson tells of fmaily's survival off of inherited investments and life insurance during the Depression.

Turner discusses living on a farm and daily life during the Depression.

Delbert T. Harrison discusses his life experiences and the changes in Estill County that he witnessed during his lifetime. Interview topics include comments on growing up in a family with 14 children, his work history, and the major changes in…

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