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The third in a series of three interviews, MSG Elizabeth Anne Helm-Frazier, United States Army (Retired) recaps her involvement in the efforts to memorialize the SixTripleEight, "the first and only all-Black and all-female unit to deploy to the European Theater of Operations during World War II". The unrehearsed video interview followed an EKU…

The first in a series of three interviews, MSG Elizabeth Anne Helm-Frazier, United States Army (Retired) shares details on her service record of more than 25 years. Having served from coast-to-coast and across the globe, MSG Helm-Frazier comments extensively on her upbringing and family history, her path to the Army, her multiple overseas…

The second in a series of three interviews, MSG Elizabeth Anne Helm-Frazier, United States Army (Retired) shares additional details about her time in service and life after she retired from the Army in 2006. In particular, she comments at great length about her involvement in memorializing the women of the SixTripleEight, "the only all-Black and…

Poet and author Karen Kotrba discusses her works and the inspiration she draws from Frontier Nursing Service and the mountain horses they rode to deliver healthcare in Appalachia. In particular, Kotrba shares many of her poems in this interview.

Bob Coleman details his knowledge on the early history of horses in North America. Coleman then goes on to describe and detail the eventual development of the important mountain horse lineages that established the current lines of Kentucky mountain horses.

Victoria Tollman discusses the history of the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association.

Vietnam War Army veteran and VTS Instructor Peter Berres discusses his military service, motivations for joining and his life after service. In particular, Berres details his navigating the ins and outs of being in a military family and his resultant military service.

Lawrence Warford discusses his military service experiences. Lawrence shares details on his life from before, during and after the military.

During this interview Retired Sargent Ryan Greenman of the United States Army shares his thoughts on what it’s like at basic training and what it was like starting a family while in the military. Greenman also talks about his experiences in Afghanistan and the mental health and physical injuries his unit faced.

Donald Woods joined the Marine Corps in 2007 and served three deployments. He comments on his encounters with I.E.D. attacks and small arms fire engagements. Woods also discusses how he adjusted to military life, as well as his life after service.

C.J. Bolen comments on his service service record and his transition from service member to civilian, including discussions over those skills and services that aided him in his return to civilian life.

John Little begins with details over his personal background before going into the military. Next, he comments on his experiences in basic training and his thoughts about that experience and how it made him into who he is today. Little then moves on to describe his duties as a petty officer, his first impressions of combat, rankings of fellow…

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