Marie R. Turner


Marie Roberts Turner (1899-1984) was born in Knott County and raised in Breathitt County from the age of six months. After having taught school there, Turner became county school superintendent in 1931, a position she held for thirty-eight years. She was also active in the Democratic party and served three times as state Democratic chair. Along with her husband, Judge Ervine Turner, she was very involved in education and state and local politics.

There are interviews with Turner, educators, and political and community leaders, including A.B. "Happy Chandler, Lawrence W. Wetherby, Bert T. Combs, and Edward T. Breathitt, Jr. Topics include politics and political leaders in Kentucky, electioneering, women in Kentucky politics, the state Democratic and Republican parties, education in Breathitt County and the state, comparisons of life and education between eastern and western Kentucky, development of roads and transportation in Breathitt County, the coal industry, journalism in Kentucky, Carl D. Perkins, Earle C. Clements, the Turner family, the Broadbent family, and the Bingham family.


Marie R. Turner

Project Interviews

Publisher of the Harlan Daily Enterprise

Democratic Chairman of Trigg County

Former President of Morehead State University

Editor and Publisher of the London Syndicate Echo and Chairman of the Democratic Party

Chairman of the State Democratic Committee

Former Secretary of State Government, Appointment Secretary, and Secretary on Staff at EKU

Former Superintendentof Public Instructions in Kentucky and Secretary of Agriculture

Director of Retired Kentucky Teachers Association

Interview with Robert Bell
Former State Government Administrator and Ashland Oil Company Executive

Former Governor of Kentucky

Former Governor of Kentucky

Interview with June Taylor
Former Administrator of the Democratice Party of Kentucky

President of Lee's Junior College

Executive Director of Cardinal Hill Hospital in Lexington, KY

Retired Treasury Department Agent

EKU Alumni, Class of 1963

Former Governor of Kentucky and Court of Appeals Justice

Superintendent in Knott County, Kentucky

Teacher and Dean of Lee's Junior College

Editorial Writer for the Courier-Journal

President of the First National Bank of Jackson

Education Professor at EKU

Principal of L.B.J. Elementary School

Breadthitt County School Superintendent
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