Bert T. Combs


Bert Thomas Combs, born in 1911 in Clay County, served as governor of Kentucky from 1959 to 1963 and on the United States Sixth Judicial Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio, from 1967 to 1970.

There are interviews with Combs, his relatives, and his political associates, including Barry Bingham, Sr., Carl D. Perkins, Edward F. Prichard, Jr., Wilson W. Wyatt, Sr., John Y. Brown, Sr., Wendell P. Butler, A.B. "Happy" Chandler, and Lawrence W. Wetherby. They discuss Combs's childhood in Prestonsburg, his career through 1970, factionalism in the Democratic party, political campaigning in Kentucky, Combs's programs for education and transportation, the sales tax, veterans' bonuses, tourism and state parks, the merit system, civil rights, conservation, and revision of the state constitution.


Bert T. Combs

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Political Science Professor at Centre College

Chairman of the Council on Public Higher Education

Former Kentucky Governor

Distilled Spirits Administrator

Administrative Assistant to President Of Eastern Kentucky University

Former Eastern Kentucky University President and State Senator

The daughter of Bert Combs talks about her remembrances of her father before he was governor as well as his years as governor of Kentucky.

Executive Director of the Kentucky Crime Victims Comp.

Discusses the relationship between Earle Clements and Bert T. Combs.

Mrs. Gorman was a member of the Bert T. Combs gubernatorial staff and she discusses how the office was run and how visitors were treated.

Mr. Easterly was the press secretary for A.B. Chandler and discusses the 1955 campaign, Combs as an administrator and the politics of the time.

The treasurer of the Kentucky Democratic Campaign Committee talks about getting to know Bert T. Combs. He talks about the 1959 campaign and the politicians he was working for at the time.

Commissioner of Conservation

Sister of Bert T. Combs
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