Railroads & Railroading - Powell County




This collection of interviews describe Powell County, KY and the railroad system. The interviews explore the significance of railroads and trains in Powell County by discussing the different cities and towns in the area. The interviewees are all citizens of these towns, and some were once employed by railroading companies, including the L&N. Typical daily life is also discussed, along with local businesses, which were heavily impacted by and dependent upon the railroad and train industries.


Railroads & Railroading - Powell County

Project Interviews

Callie Chaney is a Estill County, KY native and a retired L&N railroad worker. In this interview, Chaney, discusses being a cook for the railroad and living on "camp cars". She describes always being on the move and deciding to leave the railroad so her children can attend school.

Interview Audio Damaged--Albert Rice is a Stanton, KY native and a retired L&N railroad worker. In this interview, Rice, discusses the different jobs it took to build railroad tunnels and the upkeep of those tunnels. He also describes how the railroad operated and the different equipment it needed.

Interview Audio Severely Damaged--Thelma Martin is a Stanton, KY native and a retired teacher. In this interview, she discusses where she was raised, and her teaching experiences. She describes the trains and how she relied on it for transportation.

Ellis Bush is a Wolfe County, KY native and a retired country store owner. In this interview, Bush, discusses where he was raised, the Torrent-Zachariah community. He describes leaving for Ohio for work but returned later in life to operate a country store.

Audio Quality Degrades After Minute 27:00--Linnie Martin is a retired teacher and Powell County, KY native. In this interview, Martin, discusses her father's occupation with the railroad and how her father was killed in a railroad accident. She describes the end of the railway service and the present highway system.

Audio Degrades after Minute 40:00--Maud Harris is a retired teacher and looks back on her career with satisfaction. In this interview, Harris, discusses taking trips with her father on the train. Her father was the area doctor. She describes the train and how she felt when it was closed down.

George Crabtree is a retired farmer, operated a general store and worked in the timber business. In this interview, Crabtree, discusses while working in the timber business, he would transport the timber by way of railroad. He describes the area of Torrent, KY, and what used to be a town.
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