Small Towns


This project focuses on approximately fifteen small towns in Kentucky, their citizens, character, and changes that have taken place. For the purposes of this project, a small town is defined as one whose population is under 2,500 people. Towns representing a cross section of Kentucky small town life were chosen for this project, from a variety of areas of the state. Interviews were conducted to find out what life in a small town was like, what problems these small towns have had, how the towns have changed over time, and how the inhabitants have changed. Interviewees also discuss the vitality of their town.

Only a small number of available items are online. More will be added as time permits.


Small Towns

Project Interviews

Tourist Information Center Worker

Superintendent of the Trigg County School System

Part-Time Nurse and Marina Operator

Electric Co-op Operator

Insurance Salesman and Former Mayor of Cadiz

Restaurant Owner

Retired Farm Equipment Dealer

Retired Teacher
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