Kentucky Prison System


This series focuses on the history and development of the Kentucky prison system, with emphasis on social forces and the political environment in state government.

Wardens, parole board members, commissioners of corrections, prison employees, and former governor Edward T. Breathitt, Jr., discuss the partial destruction of the Kentucky Reformatory by the 1937 flood, the construction of the Kentucky State Reformatory at LaGrange and the Correctional Institution for Women near Pewee Valley in 1938, the effects of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, and the results of Judge Edward H. Johnstone's consent decree in 1980: reduction of the population as the Kentucky State Penitentiary and the Kentucky State Reformatory, enhanced programs and services for prisoner rehabilitation, and the largest ever state allocation of funds for the prison system. The interviews also document the activities of corrections personnel.


Kentucky Prison System

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