Danville School Integration

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This project talks to teachers and community members who were affected by the closing of Bate School in Danville and the integration of African American students into Danville High School. The impact on the teachers at Bate School and the community are discussed.


Danville School Integration

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Joyce Gordon began her teaching career in the mid 1950's and taught primarily in the Danville School system. In this interview she discusses being a teacher in Danville, KY during the time of integration and how the teachers and students adjusted to…

Jewell Lay obtained her Master's degree from the University of Kentucky and began her teaching career at Bate School in Danville, KY. Although the Brown vs. Board of Education decision had been made Bate was still an all black school when Jewell…

Mrs. Helen Fisher Frye provides an overview of her personal background, education, and occupational history. She was very active in the civil rights movement and was the 1st African American to enroll at Centre College. She discusses teaching in the…

Substitute and Part Time Teacher

In this interview, Mr. Fred Durham talks about integration in Danville, Ky. He recalls the viewpoints of both sides of integration and what feelings were expressed between the two races. He also discusses how race relations have changed in the twenty…

Retired Administrator and School Board Member of Danville Schools
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