Kentucky Protest Movement Project




The Kentucky Protest Movement Project (KPMP) is an ongoing oral history project that began in the early months of 2017. The 2016 Presidential Election resulted in a robust protest movement across not only the United States, including Kentucky, but also the entire globe. Since the Women’s March on Washington in January 2017, various local, regional and national citizen groups have sprung up. The KPMP seeks to interview these citizens in the hopes of documenting their motivations, intentions, and overall participation in contemporary events. The KPMP will capture the essence of Kentucky protest movements and document the variations in the ways in which Kentuckians view their recent activism and protest activities. Early project interviews include discussions with the participants whom marched in Washington D.C. and, more generally, across the Commonwealth. Presumably, and as time will only tell, additional interviews will document these groups’ successes and failures through time. In addition, the project will also seek out interviews with other related protest movement organizations that took place in the latter half of the 20th and early 21st centuries.


Kentucky Protest Movement Project

Project Interviews

Shane Redmond shares his experiences as a mathematician in a sociopolitical environment where he feels science is being devalued and unjustifiably challenged in ways that may have lasting negative impacts on society, the environment, and the prevailing political atmosphere. Redmond discusses his concerns for the current political conversation and…

Rose Mudd Perkins shares her views on a variety of local, regional, and national political movements. Perkins has been politically active under a wide range of capacities since the unfortunate loss of her son to the opioid epidemic. As the longest interview of the collection, the conversation weaves in and out of both the personal and public…

McKenna Revel shares her experiences as a politically and socially active Millennial. In particular, Revel provides a Millennial's perspective on the prevailing political and social movements that culminated with the 2016 Presidential Election.

Katrica Rogers shares her perspective on political and social issues. As a Democrat in an increasingly Republican leaning county of Eastern Kentucky, Rogers talks at great length about the competing politcal and social movements she has both witnessed and taken part in as an active member of the Democratic Party.

Kelly Smith discusses her views on politics, equity, protesting, and the activism that accompanies each respective topic. In particular, Smith shares details on how she uses her social media expertise and activism to contribute to the contemporary dialogue between competing ideas. Smith increased her commitment to enacting change by running for a…

Dr. Sallie Powell comments on her experiences while participating in the Women's March on Lexington (2017).

Katie Ryan Fotiadis shares her perspective on women's and gender rights and the environment and mood that accompanied the Women's March on Washington (2017).

EKU History Department Professor Dr. Carolyn DuPont shares her experiences while participating in the Women's March on Washington (2017). DuPont shares both her personal opinions and her professional expertise on prevailing social, economic, and political trends. Dr. DuPont increased her commitment to enacting change by running for a state…

EKU Professor Gregory Kent Ferrell details his experiences while attending President Trump's 2017 inauguration in Washington D.C.. He also shares his perspective on various criminal justice and sociological issues that many Americans face, both from within and outside the Appalachian region.
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