Feminisms in Practice


2019 to Present


Women and Gender Studies (WGS) capstone students investigate the formation of feminist values and the resulting practical application of feminist theory through conducting oral history interviews with feminist mentors who have impacted their worldview, perspective or approach to concepts of equity and identity (ascribed, prescribed, self-assigned, etc.), and, the social, economic, religious and/or political influences on gender. Additional interviews will be added as the project grows through time and more WGS students contribute to the collection.


Feminisms in Practice

Project Interviews

Timothy Parks Jr. discusses childhood experiences that shaped his views and perspective, as well as the private versus public school dynamic. Parks also comments on the events that impacted his life, including his mother's cancer diagnosis, his parents' divorce and the role that sports played in developing his bond with his father. Parks then…

Bonnie Blair details her experiences while growing up in a traditional household where her father battled with alcoholism and her mother worked diligently to raise three children. She comments on her mother's hard work and their life after her parents separated. Blair emphasizes the value of education and shares her thoughts on workplace…

Hana Smith details her views on women in the field of education, and share her experiences in the occupation. She also comments on the benefits of social awareness, and what it was like to be a liberal minded person in a predominantly conservative small town.

Kayla Williams discusses her life up until her current age of 22 years old. Williams details the struggles that she faced while having to grow up without her mother being very present in her life. She also comments on spending a great deal of time being raised in her grandparents' house and how she would cope with her life struggles. She came from…

Joyce Smith covers her life up until her time in the military. She discusses her relationship with her mother and father and how it differed growing up, when compared to today. She talks about her life in the Army and how it shaped her into who she is today, as well as provided her with her beautiful children. Finally, she discusses why she would…

Spencer Mize speaks on how her view of feminism has developed during her life. She details how feminist thought has influenced her ways of thinking, beginning with her upbringing and all the way through college.

Levi House discusses how his views of feminism has evolved throughout his lifetime. He talks about how he has a unique experience as a transgender man, and how that fact changes the way he thinks about feminism.

Heather Cohorn details her childhood and being the youngest of three daughters who were born to parents who were not present because they both worked out of the home. She had to leave high school at 15 years old because her mother withdrew her from the system. She later became pregnant at 19 and raised a biracial daughter as a single parent.

Krista Smithers talks about learning from her mother in a rural factory town, facing gender inequality throughout her life, and her commitment to hard work and equality. She transfers the values she learned from her mother into her education in Criminal Justice and Criminology. Smithers also discusses her passion for animals and the environment, in…

Dr. Victoria Collins, a native of England, recounts her childhood and educational experiences, and work history. Her experiences are then viewed through a gendered lens to highlight perceived inequalities. Dr. Collins then applies these ideas to her academic research and her reaction to feminism.

Robin Showalter discusses the personal experiences that led to her self-identification as a Feminist. She highlights some topics that she is passionate about and explains the reasoning behind her stances. AS an activist, she provides insight on her experiences and the overall context of the women's movement in Kentucky.

In this interview Jenn Rodgers discusses her personal experiences and the life lessons she has learned. She candidly discusses the struggles leading up to where she is today and her future goals. Rodgers pays particular attention to the importance of independence and supporting yourself when others cannot.

Dr. Sallie Powell shares details on her family and occupational histories, as well as the major experiences that shaped her views while growing up. In particular, Dr. Powell explains that she never experienced discrimination as a youth but has, in fact, face discriminatory challenges as an adult.

Lynne Sherman discusses growing up in a household that taught her feminist values without her knowledge. In her interview Sherman also comments on her occupational history in Human Resources, as well as the varied experiences she has had in both the workforce and education system.

Kentucky educator Agatha Manion discusses, in great detail, her maternity leave experiences and the ways it impacted her job, and, more generally, her life. Manion also shares details on a feminist mentor who helped her navigate both her educational and occupational career paths. Her interview wraps up with discussions over her students and her…

Amanda Carman shares her views on feminism, workplace gender discrimination, and a car accident she was involved in and the ways it impacted much of her life. Additional topics include family history, occupational history and discussions about her children.

Nita Benson reflects back on her life by discussing her childhood memories, her educational background, her work history as a secretary, and her life as a mother and housewife. In her interview, she shares that she realized she learned to take care of others by watching and learning from her mother. Benson concludes that she is satisfied with her…

Raven Turner reflects on her childhood memories, past jobs, and her educational experiences; all of which led to her becoming a Family Law Attorney. She comments on how women are represented in both the legal and political climates of today. Turner also provides her own advice on current issues that women face, including women's rights and the…
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