Ottenheim, KY




Ottenheim, KY, was first settled in the 1880s by Swiss and German immigrants. Interviewees are the descendants of the original settlers, and range from sons and daughters to the grandchildren of the originals. They discuss their family history and why their family moved from Europe to America. Interviewees also talk about the effect the Great Depression had on Ottenheim, and detail how their families prospered and survived through time. Also discussed are family members who fought in WWI and WWII.


Ottenheim, KY

Project Interviews

In this interview, Henry Ensslin, discusses growing up in Ottemheim, KY. He describes his education, farming, and the history of the area.

Charles Schnitzler is a native of Ottemheim, KY, a farmer, and a Korean War veteran. In this interview, Schintzler, describes growing up in Ottemheim and the history of the area.

In this interview, Elsie Ensslin, describes her early childhood, her education and the area of Ottenheim, KY. She also discusses the reason her parents came to the US.
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