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Interview with Mary Richards



1986 OH 138




This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Mary F. Richards a graduate of Eastern State Normal School in 1917. Mrs. Richards a former faculty member at EKU also Alumni Director talks of her years as a student and teacher.


Contact Special Collections and Archives, Crabbe Library, Eastern Kentucky University for reproductions, rights and permission to publish.


Ellis, William E.


Richmond, KY



Time Summary:

00:00 - 01:30 Introduction.
01:30 - 02:40 Mary F. Richards was born May 2, 1900. She is a former Faculty member at EKU, also former Alumni Director and a graduate of Eastern State Normal School 1917.
02:40 - 03:30 Discussed educational background. Started teaching at Eastern State Normal School in 1923.
03:30 - 14:00 Discussed starting teaching at State Normal School.
14:00 - 20:00 Told stories of Mr. Coates, faculty members, also Earl Combs.
20:00 - 27:00 Continues stories.
27:00 - 32:00 Talks of Mr. Coates death March 17, 1928.
32:00 - 36:00 Talks of Mrs. Dean's health and death.
36:00 - 41:00 Told humorous stories.
41:00 - 44:00 Discussed Maude Gibson and her painting, also Ruth Dix.
44:00 - 48:00 Remembers Mrs. Dean as being a "bitter Confederate."
48:00 - 58:00 Discussed EKU President's homes.
58:00 - 62:00 Mentions Dr. Crabbe (former President).
62:00 - 65:00 Talks of remodeling previous President's homes, wiring for electric lights, etc.
65:00 - 68:40 Mentions Coates as President from 1916-1928, Donovan replacing Coates in 1928. Mrs. Roberts, Dean of Women, sponsor of YWCA which she feels was an outstanding organization.
68:40 - 72:00 Remembers strict rules on Campus.
72:00 - 75:00 Donovan built auditorium with much criticism.
75:00 - 79:00 Remembered McCullan was Minister and she felt he was a big influence for getting EKU established. City bought land and gave it to State in order to get College. Reminiscences of Founder's Day.
79:00 - 86:00 Faculty meetings etc., requirements were to dress formal. She refers to Donovan as running a "tight" school but a good one.
86:00 - 90:00 Discussed salaries during Depression years.
90:00 - 93:40 Mrs. Richards now does a lot of writing.
93:40 - 98:40 Discussed traveling.
98:40 - 101:50 Talked about President O'Donnell.
101:50-104:30 Discussed Faculty members being in WWI.
104:30-108:00 She feels Mr. Donovan was a well educated man with an honorary degree, well read in Literature and History.
108:00-110:00 Discussed people to interview who attended Eastern with Mrs. Richards.