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Retired teacher states that the Depression did not impact her much because she lived on a farm.

Retired teacher discusses life during the Depression and how it impacted him.

Retired Publisher of the Courier-Journal and Times

Housewife describes what life was like during the Depression.

Retired teacher explains how the Depression impacted her in the past and present.

Brammer discusses the Depression and how it impacted her life.

Bresnahon discusses what it was like living during the Depression.

Former Principal describes teaching school during the Depression.

Brockman and wife describe how the Depression impacted their family of seven children.

Housewife and former store employee shares hwo the Depression impacted her life.

Carter discusses the Depression years and how she and her family worked together to live during the Depression.

Clay recalls vivid memories of the Depression.

Cox discusses the Depression and how it impacted her life.

Crow recalls fondest memories of experiences during the Depression.

Dowell speaks of the Depression and the impact it had on her family.