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In this short clip from his Coal Company Town Project interview, Mr. Neal shares his eye-witness account of the bombing runs and the resulting devastation of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Zimmerman tells of education, occupations, and memories of the Depression.

Zimmerman discusses daily life during the Depression.

Yount discusses memories of the Kentucky River.

Young discusses personal and family experiences on the Kentucky River.

In this interview, James Young, Superintendent for Russleville City Schools, discusses how he got into administration, election of school board members, and the most difficult problems of being a superintendent.


Evelyn Young, a Hickman County native and assistant to Hickman County Judge Executive Stanley Hopkins, discusses her education, political interests and experiences in this interview. She comments extensively on the Judicial Referendum, Judge Hopkins,…

David Russell Young was born in 1951 in Barren County, Kentucky, and attended school in Tompkinsville, Kentucky. Young received a B.A. from EKU, a M.A. from University of Kentucky, and consequently began a career in secondary Physical Education. In…

Young recalls memories of being a lockmaster on the Kentucky River.

Author and Retired Professor and Department Chair at Cumberland College

York discusses the Depression and how it impacted her life.

York discusses work, President Roosevelt, and daily life during the Depression.

Beverly Yeiser is a native of Daviess County, Kentucky. He attended both Western Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky. Mr. Yeiser owns and operates a poultry business. In 1974, Mr. Yeiser was appointed to the Board of Regents.

Virginia Yeager discusses growing up in Estill County during the early 20th Century. Being the oldest child in her family Yeager took on a great deal of responsibility at a young age; she eventually became a school teacher at 17 years old. Other…

Lieutenant-Governor of Kentucky

In this interview, Paul Wright, Superintendent in Lawrence County, discusses his education and positions held prior to this one. He also mentions the different schools in the system, the school board, and further discusses his role as a…


In this interview, Edward Wright, Superintendent of Franklin County Schools, discusses his early life, education, and his career in education. He also comments on many issues within the system, schools, and the community, as well as why he stays in…


In this interview, Carolyn Wosoba, Superintendent for Ancorage Independent School System, discusses her previous position, the school board, and other schools in the county. She also talks about job security and programs within the school system.


In this interview, Garnet Worthington, Superintendent of Southgate Independent School System, discusses her personal and educational background, the staff, and problems in the schools. She discusses encouraging her teachers to broaden their…


In this interview, Myron Worley, Editor of the Pioneer News, discusses the history of the Pioneer News, the type of news that is printed in the paper, and the paper's editorial policy. He also discusses many issues in the county, major decision…

Retired teacher and coal miner discusses the most important lessons he learned from the Depression.

Irene Woosley discusses growing up in the Kiddville "village"/Trap area of Clark County. She comments extensively on her family life and marriage, changes in community values, and the eventual collapse of the Kiddville area, which she attributes to…

Emma Woosley discusses growing up in Estill County, where they moved frequently and made do with little money. Woosley also comments extensively on the role that neighbors, religion, education, and, more generally, the community has played in the…

In this interview, "Sammy" Woods, a Shelby County native, discusses his extensive career in public office; first as Sheriff and later as Judge Executive. He also shares his opinions on the Judicial Referendum, which he prefers, various county…

Retired Postmistress speaks of living through the Depression and how it impacted her life.

Housewife remembers her life experiences during the Depression.

Retired Estill County Clerk recalls fondest memories of experiences on the Kentucky River.

Joan Mitchell was born in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1936. Mitchell graduated from EKU with a B.A. in 1957 and a M.A. the following year. Upon completing her education she took up a position as a high school Physical Education instructor. Donna…

Witt reminiscences of growing up at the Mowbray & Robinson sawmill in West Irvine, Kentucky in the 1920's and 1930's.

Dr. William Wise discusses Estill County, the Kentucky River, the railroad systems that were at one time the lifeblood of the area, and other related historical topics. Other interview topics include lengthy discussions over various industries and…