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Ernest Abbudl is a native of Laurel County, KY and one of the first generation descendants of the original Swiss Settlers into the county. In this interview, Abbudl, discusses the history of the area, and why the Swiss settlers chose to settle there.

Ethel Abbuhl is a Knox County, KY native who moved to the Swiss Colony area in Laurel County, KY eleven years ago. In this interview, Abbuhl, discusses the Swiss characteristics and customs she has learned.

In this interview, Dorothy Abernathy, Editor of the Oldham Era, discusses her background, relationship with Landmark Inc., her staff, and the role of the Oldham Era.

Retired teacher states that the Depression did not impact her much because she lived on a farm.

Elizabeth Cane Adams, Alumna of Eastern Kentucky University, taught school for thirty-nine years. This interview was taped in conjunction with the Alumni Project at Eastern Kentucky University.

In this interview Ernest Adams, an EKU graduate, shares his memories as a student at Buckeye Schools and, later, as a teacher. He comments on both the weaknesses and strengths of Buckeye High School.

Elizabeth Adams graduated from EKU and became a teacher. In this interview she shares memories of the Buckeye Community and the impacts that the Great Depression had on the community. She also contrasts male teachers, the duties of teachers, and she…

In this interview, Hugh Adams, Jr., Superintendent of Jessamine County Schools, discusses the problems of his position and also the things that he enjoys about being a Superintendent.

Retired teacher discusses life during the Depression and how it impacted him.

Mrs. Mabel Adams was a teacher of Latin at Eastern Kentucky University during the 1920's and 1930's. She helped write Five Decades of Progress concerning the history of Eastern Kentucky University. Mrs. Adams was a very good friend of Robert R.…

Mr. A.D. Albright served on the Tennessee Department of Education from 1939-49. From 1950-54 he was a Professor at George Peabody College and Professor of Education at UK from 1954-57. Mr. Albright served as Executive Dean from 1957-61, Provost from…

Alcorn discussed life working on the Kentucky River.

In this interview, H.B. Alderhise, Retired Superintendent in Livingston County, discusses his personal background, School Boards, and parents in the school system. He also reflects on his years in which he served as superintendent.


Raymond Alford is a retired station master of the former Union Station in Lexington, KY. In this interview, Alford, describes Union Station; the number of trains in and out of the station, the fares, and it being torn down.

Teacher, Class of 1955

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Employee of the Kentucky Stone Company discusses quary work and stones along the Kentucky River.

In this interview, Gene Allen, a Morgan County native, discusses his family, education, military service, and public service career, which consisted of terms as both a County Judge and County Judge Executive. Other interview topics cover the Judicial…

Allen speaks of experiences over the years along the Kentucky River.

In this interview, James Allen, Editor of the Grayson County Gazette, discusses his education, the paper, and its circulation. He also discusses various problems in the county, including corruption in City Hall. Allen also comments extensively on his…

In this interview, Allen Lawrence, Superintendent of Caldwell County Schools, discusses his personal and educational background, issues within the school board and school system, and programs availiable to students.

In this interview, Norman Allen, Editor of the Floyd County Times, discusses his personal background, newspaper career, and the history of the paper. He also comments on many problems in Floyd County.

This is an unrehearsed taped interview with Ruth R. Allen a graduate of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School in the early 1920's. She was an Elementary School Teacher and for many years a Home Demonstration Agent in Fayette County. Mrs. Allen…

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In this interview, which is actually a lecture for the EKU Mass Communication Department, Allison relates his experiences in the radio business. He expresses his opinions on what makes for a good radio station, the corresponding work demands, and…

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Mr. Craig Ammerman is a native Kentuckian from Richmond. He attended EKU from 1966-1969. Mr. Ammerman was a prominent editorial and staff writer for the Eastern Progress and he was very involved with the major issues of the late 1960's.

In this interview, Ms. Perlina Anderkin, editor of The Mount Vernon Signal, discusses the logistics of putting out a paper, her work week, and many issues within Rockcastle County.

Major Richard Anderson, is a graduate and a teacher at EKU with the ROTC program. In this interview he discusses some of his thoughts and experiences relating to the Vietnam War.

In this interview, Joseph Anthony, Superintendent in McClean County, discusses his decision to become a superintendent, problems in the schools, and the school population. He also comments on the positive and negative attitudes of the position.